Welcome to the Greater Savannah River Community Foundation

The GSRCF is a publicly-supported foundation that serves the mutually agreed upon needs in the communities of Allendale, Bamberg and Barnwell. The foundation is a charitable organization that exists to maintain the charitable intent of donors making gifts, allowing immediate and future tax benefits, and to act as a catalyst to help focus local philanthropy on immediate as well as evolving community needs.

Through GSRCF, the donor has many creative fund options for contributing to the community foundation that allow the donor significant involvement in the investment and grant making decisions affecting his/her Fund. There are many benefits to adding your contribution through GSRCF, including simplicity, tax benefits and community impact. Click to view the many Local Community Foundation Grant Awards that have been presented since 2009.

Augusta-Savannah River 

For more information about the foundation or if you are interested in helping the foundation further its mission, call
Tim Moore - Executive Director office: phone: (803) 259-2021, email: MORLAW@aol.com • FAX number: (803) 259-0208
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